so im a bassist and im getting an acoustic guitar today, and wondering where to start? what should i learn, what can i expect to transfer over, etc etc..

two specific questions are:

what are the "important" chords to learn first?

and what are 2-3 EASY songs i can learn to get started?
If you want to know "Important Chords" I'd have to go with A major Am B major C major C minor, etc. Learn as many of them in first position as you can. The B will have to be a barre chord, but you should learn those too.

Wonderwall is a pretty easy acoustic song. It's by oasis.
Any of Bob Dylan's stuff or Neil Young's acoustic stuff is easy. Check out Heart of Gold.
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just learn your basic letter chords (a, e , c etc.)

Swing life away by rise against is pretty easy. Also your guardian angel by red jumpsuit is, but its downtuned.

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Learn as many open chords as possible, there should be plenty of lists of them available on the internet.
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Learn theory. It will make everything a lot easier in the long run.
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A, Am, D, C, G, E, Em, and you could probably do some sevenths too. A7, B7 (a bit tricky at first), G7, E7 are pretty easy ones that I know off the top of my head.

Wish You Were Here was one of the first songs I learned to play.
awesome info so far guys, thanks! im open to all the suggestions you have. to whoever said learn theory, i know some theory as far as 3-4 scales, some "bass" chords etc, but im hoping alot will transfer to guitar.

so wish you were here and wonderwall are easy? anything other well known acoustics that are easy?