I bought a M-Audio Axiom 25 MIDI controller from GC about 15 days ago(Jan 30) Its good, but I dont think Ill be using it too much. The problem is theres 14 days to return a recording device, and today is the 15th day.....Does anyone know if I can still get store credit for it? I tried calling them to ask but they kept me on hold for a long time twice....

Thanks in advanced
go there and DEMAND them to take it back because you dont need it and trade it for some GOOD OLD STORE CREDIT

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You'll probably get a return if you grow some balls and command/demand that they give you store credit.
Take it there and act like it's the 14th/13th day, and when they tell you it's the 15th call them on their **** and demand your store credit/money back.
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Try being civil before you start demanding stuff. People like nice people, don't be an asshole unless you have no other choice