When I downloaded mp3's on my other profile, they said it was copyright. Now, I'm not willing to take the chance again. Can anyone tell me something that I might be doing wrong? Everyone else on UG uploads mp3's that (technically) are copyright. Please help!!
You cannot upload songs that have not been recorded by you.

Don't attempt to upload your favourite songs or whatever, because it will get you permenently banned.

You can only upload songs that you own.

100%EDIT: Also, it's worth mentioning that just because you have bought a song, doesn't mean you own the rights to it.


100%EDIT: Also, if you see any copyrighted songs, report them.
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What if you purchace them from Itunes or download them from the album?
Absolutely not.

The purpose of the UG players isn't to display your favourite songs by commercial artists. You can embed a player from project playlist, etc if you want to do that.

The ONLY recordings that are allowed in your UG mp3 player are your OWN performances. It can be you singing/playing an original composition or your performance of a cover song or even reciting poetry or making a speech. But it has to be you.
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Are you a member of last.fm (www.last.fm)? If not, sign up and it'll store information about your favourite songs and songs you listen to. You can form playlists from there and put them on your profile in the about me section.
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When I downloaded mp3's on my other profile

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