Discuss whatever, in a non-inflamatory way, as to not offend the sheep. Just playing with you christians, we just want to have our forum seperate from the religion forum.
...Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?
Atheism is not a religion. But I think this should be taken to the religion thread =(

There should be an Atheism Thread
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Yeah, you definitely raped his churches and burned his women.

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Forgive the bluntness, but what in the chucklefucking hell is this?
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Are you an atheist? Fine by me. Are you an asshole that goes around putting down other's beliefs? GTFO.
It should be in religion but then again there you get serious awnsers.... The pit just throws random stuff at ya
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In the good old days of PS2 sony would send me out new consoles for fun!

PS2 just died for no reason? new console : )
Coffee spilt all over it? new console : )
Got pissed on in the night???? new console : )

I miss pissing on consoles : (
Ain't here to offend, if you want to follow god, go ahead. Ain't for me to decide.
...Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?