I have a Line 6 POD X3 Live, used gently at home only, with the optional Wah Pedal (Line 6 EX-1 Pedal) with an instrument cable to connect the two, all securely mounted in a CNB chrome hard road case, all ready to go.

The main unit normally costs $500 new, the Wah pedal costs another $50, and the hard case cost $80. I'm looking for $400 + shipping, and I'll eat the paypal fee if you do a paypal e-check (so the fee is only $5).

Please PM with any additional questions about what this can do, thanks!
Thanks! And no I bought it from Sweetwater so it was an email receipt. Probably long deleted
It was Summer 08, and yes, the early ones from 2007 had a couple issues, however even all of those were resolved via firmware if I remember right.

Which reminds me, this is updated to latest firmware!
sorry, forgot about this thread, it's sold a few days ago, thanks for all the questions and interest!