i know your not all doctors or anything so im not asking for medical advice i just need to know whats happening to me right now

i was doing a 500 meter rowing sprint and in the last 50 meters i got the worst headache ever it was so bad i had to stop rowing and was barely able to finish the piece

after i got off i my vision was seriously blurry and i felt really disoriented. it wasn't too bad at first but now i'm really sensitive to light and sound and i have this really bad throbbing headache. I got a ride home and now i'm by myself and i was freaking screaming because it hurt so bad.

i think it's starting to get a little less bad but it still hurts really badly.

my eyes are blood shot and i'm sitting in a dimly lit room with an ice pack.

what the **** happened to me? Has this ever happened to you before? is there anything i can do to help stop the pain??

please help i'm really hurting right now. i don't want to call a doctor or anything yet because i'm not sure if it's really serious or not.

i know the "pit is not a doctor" so i'm not looking for any stupid advice or anything, i just want to know what the hell happened to me and if it's normal and if there's anyway i can dull the pain