Reaper isn't an audio interface..
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How exactly do you use reaper and how do you get the plugin to work? Im gonna try ez drummer is that better?
You will have to put it in the plugins folder of the DAW you use. Did you download addictive drums...??? and EZdrummer come on....
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I got it working with the virtual keyboard in reaper. There is a pretty big delay...I cant play anything since Ill hit a key and it will sound a second later. Is there any settings I need to change or is that as good as it gets?
^ whats your setup? Interface or soundcard? your gonna have to give us something to go on here.
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I didnt realize it was a plugin

What programs work with it?

WTF? You bought $200 worth of software and you don't even know what it is??

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I use FL Studio or Sonar, but it will work with pretty much any DAW on the market (except for Reason)

as for your latency issues, turn down the sample buffer.
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I really dont know how to use reaper at all. Can anyone explain how to do so? I am using an auzentech Xplosion 7.1 (sound card)

I dont even know how to record things in reaper. The only thing I really know how to use is audacity lol but I am guessing it wont work with any drum plugins


Ok well I tried addictive drums in reaper and the latency isnt as bad as ezdrummer but it is still hard to play. Is there anyway to remap the virtual keyboard. I know ez drummer cant be remapped but Can I set my own keys on my keyboard. (such as z controls the virtual keyboard button that is set at the "kick" and maybe make M control the keyboard button that controls the snare or somethin)

If the virtual keyboard in reaper cant be remapped what about with bome's mouse keyboard? Can i remap with addictive drums?
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So I turned down somethings and the latency isnt that bad anymore. My only problem is the keyboard. Is there any way I can customize the mapping of the midi keys (besides the center key) in addictive drums? I know I cant change the mapping in ezdrummer. What about in reaper? Can I remap the virtual keyboard? The way the keyboard is mapped has a bunch of sounds that I wont use (like different cymbal hits) but has no room for the toms.
so you have ezdrummer and addictive drums...thats a shltload of money you "ahem" paid for software you have no clue about.You figured out how to download the software..so figure out how to use it ya damn theif, your kind is not welcome here.
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Really? There's a demo version of addictive drums...I bought ezdrummer after I got addictive drums working.

All I want is some help and all I am getting is assholes like you being of no help whatsoever. If you don't want to help that's fine but why bother posting?
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WTF? You bought $200 worth of software and you don't even know what it is??


Maybe not in this situation, but I could believe someone new to recording might do this. These programs always say stupid things on the box like "It's a drummer in a box!" , or "pro drum recordings at your Mac or PC", without actually giving any clues on what it does or how it does it.
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Well not in this case :/ Maybe back in the day when I had no means of money lol

Anyways, so what is the correct way to turn down the latency? I just messed with the device settings and changed the buffers from 8x1024 to 8x256. It helped a little bit but Ive noticed it still isnt good enough
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turn the sample buffer down as low as you can get it without getting artifacts and/or dropouts. If that doesn't get your latency low enough, then you need a better soundcard.
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Is that what I have been changing? the buffer in the "device" setttings?
I guess thats as good as it gets then :/

So there is no way to remap the virtual keyboard (besides the center key) Ive gotten used to it a little so I guess its not a big problem.