Does anyone know of a semi decent recording program i could download off the internet

i had one not too long ago but completely forgot

thought maybe it started with an A

but if anyone knows of one just to get a few samples up, id appreciate it.
For free?


For money?

Logic or Pro Tools.
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audacity thats what i was thinkin of thanks

im not looking to do anything spectacular, just get a few samples up
Reaper is not exactly free, but it's 100% functional and never times out. It does cost money, but it's on the honor system as to when and if you pay for it. It's actually a very good program with a dedicated development team, and a great forum with good support, and they're constantly adding things and refining it. It's a bit of a grass roots program in that way. Check it out, I doubt you'll be disappointed.

Yeah, there's a guy I "know" from another forum who has worked with Sheryl Crow, Megadeth, Gin Blossoms, etc. He swears by the quality of Reaper.

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