Hi there,

I recently aquired an old electric guitar. Scratched and beaten but it still looks pretty good and I'm hoping to bring it back to it's former glory. Even though it's just a copy I think it would be a good start into guitar repair. (Without taking apart one of my own)
It came with all it's original fittings except one of the bridge bolts. I don't know if that's the actual name of the missing part but you'll be able to see what it is from the pictures.
I'd appreciate any information on the Bridge itself and the bolt, as I've no idea what type it is. My local guitar shop said that it was too old and I would struggle to find a replacement. Any information you can give me on the type of bridge it is and if possible where I might find a replacement would be greatly appreciated. If there is no where I can aquire the exact same bridge then what type would be best?

The top part.

The mounting part that attaches to the guitar.

These are the pieces I'm missing.

This is the bridge fully assembled without the missing pieces.

i suggest you go to a metal worker or a tool maker and show him the parts, then he will be able to make an exact copy of it

unless you know the name/model of the guitar then theres not much else to do
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