I've been wondering lately if getting lessons would benefit me. I'm a mediocre player but there is definately room for improvement. I also think getting lessons would be fun seeing as I like playing guitar and also find playing guitar with someone else (even a teacher) would improve my playing confidence.
I play metal (95% of the time) and I would get a teacher based on metal. (but i would probablly take theory ones also)

Extra Info
I have been self teaching myself for 7 months. I wouldn't say I was good but I am CONSIDERING how long i've been playing.

What do you guys think?
Are lessons that worth it?
Any personal experiences?

Thought it'd be a good idea before i go waste my rents money.
if you are serious about playing, get a teacher. but make sure your teacher knows what he/she is doing.
Lessons are beneficial at any point in the learning process.
However they aren't necessary and really its just a matter of if you want to toss money to someone to direct your playing. If you are truly satisfied with your playing then theres no need, but if you aren't there's always room to improve things and make your playing neater.

Basically, if you direct your self-teaching well enough, you don't need lessons but if you feel your doing something wrong, get a teacher.
but make sure your teacher knows what he/she is doing.

yeah i was wondering about that
I call myself a very serious player, as well as a decent guitar player. I have never had any advice in my 4 years of playing. I didn't want to do it any other way. It was hard as hell to teach myself; it was 2 or so years before I got anywhere near good. I would say lessons certainly wouldn't hurt to get, they just weren't for me. It will make you better in a shorter period of time.
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I'd say getting lessons would be a good idea.

I've been mostly self-teaching myself- with tabs and all and just lots of practicing. But last summer, I started up lessons. And the great things about 'em is getting to know the basic stuff about music. Which helps in every way.

So I'd say, if you have enough money, then go for it.
I think the main reason i've thought about them is the fun with them. Most the time I can't think of songs to learn and im getting a bit sick of finding a song then just spending time learning it then 1/4 through learning the song getting bored. I also think, nerdingly, that the homework side sounds prety enjoyable for me seeing as it'll give me a reason to spend some serious time on my guitar.
lessons can help even the greatest player in the world. chances are they can teach you at least 1 thing that would be beneficial to your playing.
take at least a months worth of lessons. Thats only like $120 (USD) at most music stores. Worth it to make sure your technique is at least correct, you'd want to get a professional opinion on your playing so you arent making any mistakes that will eventually lead to bad habbits you wont be able to change later on. and you may be able to learn a little theory in that time.