Hey i don't know alot about guitars so i have a question,

What will go louder:

A 12 watt tube combo with an 8 inch speaker,

Or a 5 watt tube combo with a 10 inch speaker???

Please reply!!!
Depends on the speaker, but assuming both speakers are the same effeciency the 12 watt combo will be roughly 3 decibels louder.
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a 12 watt, but the 5 watt combo will be bassy-er
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The 12 watt will do better

it's like a weight lifter with weights in a way
if you have a 135 pound guy lifting 250 pounds
and a 300 pound guy lifting 250 pounds
the 300 guy will probably do better
unless he's fat

there are sound differences, but lets leave it there

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the 12
BUT what amp are you talking about???
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