Okay so...I've been playing guitar for about 6 months now and have been self-taught so far with a few tips along the way...but right now all i can do is play the simple barre chords(easy), the standard open chords, and am currently working on scales...but i have this jam band going on with a drummer/friend and another friend wants to merge and make a death metal band with me playing guitar so im mediocore at guitar apparently ...and am getting very bored with barre chords all the time, i want to start learning lead guitar work because i love to create music- but i am lost right now at what i should do right now? I cant afford lessons and i like learning the guitar myself anyway...so...any good sites/tips/knowledge from fellow guitarists?
trust me- i have the motivation.
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For metal?

Turn those bar chords into arpegios.
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If you want to get really technical about it..

1. Grab sticks.
2. Bang sticks on drums.

^how to play drums.

Well yes and no- i want to learn everything heh
Arpegios? I heard that from somewhere- what is it mean.

and yes I have been playing everyday since i got my love/guitar. Its an addiction!
and i do understand practice and playing is two different things.(sorta)
what have you been doing? you should have gotten better than that in 6 months... well if u want to do lead barre chords and all that r still important to know

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in addition to all of that, you also win the thread.

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Learn how to play songs. Don't jump right away into composing music cuze if you do you're music will all sound the same. its like talking, you need to ear so you can expand your vocabulary.If i were you i would start with some stratovarius or iron maiden, its what I'm doing and I only play guitar for 1&1/2 months and now i can play 3 strings arpegios and solo. you'll be playing much better before you know it.
Learn songs you like, or sound fun,

and then...


then analyze songs, artists, genres, see what makes them what they are theory wise.
Learn your scales/modes. Major, the three minors, the rest of the modes, the pentatonics, blues scale, and work on the chromatic scale. It'll help your lead ability and your knowledge of chord structure and all that good stuff. Learn note names too.

EDIT: UG has a lot of lessons and stuff. Check them out.
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You're forming a death metal band? How's your muting, power chords and downpicking? Bends and vibrato all good?

As people have said, scales like you're already doing and how to apply them is extremely useful and learn some songs (I'd recommend in the genre you like - try Death or Morbid Angel, something classic ) Have fun, learn theory to give you an idea of what sounds good with what and why.