Basically I have just good some money together Birthday + Job that comes out at about £400. I currently have a epi les Paul which i love great guitar. However i am after some single coil tones. eg SRV, John Fruciante and John Greenwood type of thing. Basically a mix or rock, funk and blues. I have a BKP Nailbomb in the bridge of my Epi and was wondering how well it would acheive these kinda tone if it was split. so be honest i not sure of it can. has anyone got any experience with this and how much do thing it would cost to get it done.
IF it doest sound good i was thinking of getting either a Standard tele or strat. i kinda prefer the tele but still not sure.
sorry for the long question
if the nailbomb is a 4 conductor pickup it can be coil split. you'd just need either a mini switch or a push pull pot to wire it up.
i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.
If it's in your budget, I'd just go with a Fender. The coil tap would really just be imitating the real thing, and with either Fender you'll get a much wider range of single-coil tones.
thanks yes i check it does have 4 conducter. just not sure how it going to sound on the les paul.
I wont be as bright as a real strat with real single coils. It will be okay for occasional cover work. Just make sure you shield everything electrical and you shouldnt have too much humming.