For sale Ibanez RG350EX

Brilliant guitar for both lead and rhythm
Can cover many music styles, from classic rock to metalcore
Originally bought brand new for £360 in September 2008
Willing to sell for £270
Comes equiped with Ibanez Infinity pickups and "Edge III" tremolo system
Guaranteed to not easily go out of tune because of string locking nut

Recently re-strung with extra long lasting Titanium Coated Ernie Ball Super Slinkys
Played very little due to high levels of coursework and exams
No visiable or electronic damage

Contact me via Email

Quote by mc_carlini
trade for a strat? im in the US tho

I'd say I'am interested but tbh I really wouldn't want to mess around with shipping and stuff
thanks anyway
Quote by FearOfTheNether
What about trade?
Jackson KE-3, got a few cosmetical issues though :S

I'am looking for something a little less "metal" thanks anyway
Quote by Capt_Clarkson
I'am looking for something a little less "metal" thanks anyway

stop trying to steal my deal's
but yeah tbh I'am looking for something more with a more softer tone