Hello.... I have a Fender Squire Strat, and the neck (rosewood) is annoying me because it is rough and it makes hard to bend and slide. I gave gotten it cleaned and all but it didnt help. Does anyone have any suggestions? I might buy a normal strat but I want to know if there are any cheaper solutions.

Thanks for helping.
you could try to apply another finish (no technical details here, just know that some sorts slide better than others)
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Is it the neck or the fingerboard thats rough? i havent heard of a squier with a rosewood neck before. I will assume its the fingerboard. Dont press as hard into the frets when you are bending. The string shouldnt really be rubbing that hard onto the fingerboard. If it still bothers you there is always sandpaper. Just make sure you mask the frets before you sand away.
yah it's the fingerboard and i think its is just that rosewood happens to be rough thanks for the advice guys
Try applying lemon oil. I'm not sure if it will make a diffrence, but it might help.
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