Ok, I've always wanted a Gibson Les Paul but there way to expensive. Then I heard about Epiphone Les Paul guitars which are a lot more affordable. Whats the deal with that? How is Epiphone aloud to make Les Paul guitars? Are they some how teamed up with Gibson? Anyway, I heard that the quality of the Ephiphone Les Paul guitars aren't as good as the Gibson ones but I can't afford a Gibson. So what do you guys think? Whats the real difference between Epiphone and Gibson Les paul guitars? Should I get one?
They're owned by Gibson. They're also of lower quality, but, I'd rather get one of them instead a way overpriced Gibsons and spend the extra money on new pickups and tuners.
Epiphone is a subset of Gibson. Essentially, an Epiphone Les Paul is a slightly lower quality Gibson Les Paul but without "Gibson" written on the headstock. Gibson has been around for so long and has enough reputation to charge tons just for their name. Epiphone let's you get stuff that is quite similar to theirs without a huge dip in the wallet.

The quality is lower, but it's considerable when you think of how much money you've saved that can be used on upgrades or an amp.
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ive owned a few Epiphone guitars including the Les Paul standard, it was a great playing guitar and very easy to fret the strings, held tune better than most other guitars ive owned, and had a nice warm tone to it.

while they are not Gibson quality they are still a great quality guitar, Gibsons have better wood, pickups,pots, tuning pegs. with the right amount of mods Epiphone can sound pretty close to the real thing.

if i had 500.00 to waste id buy another Epiphone in a second