My latest song that i've been working on. Got a few bits of edits to do, mainly sound and eq things.. (In fact its a ****ing lot :P), and a couple of guitar mistakes that i couldn't be bothered to re-record!

Finished version will have vocals in, but please listen and rate this one please.

Its called "it fades away" Check it in my profile

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seems like i had some trouble keeping tempo alot. i think the tune is ok. wasnt able to hear a few of those chords at times , but thats also where i would lose the timing. i was expecting a more natural fluid change but it just kind of slowed itself down. like you werent quite comfortable changing from one chord to the next. maybe i was just hearing this in my head. i do talk to myself you know?

anyway, keep it up man. let me know when i can hear it again.?