I'm going to be playing an unplugged gig and I need a good acoustic rock song. Could someone help me choose one please.

I was thinking of doing Layla or Tears in Heaven.
Is it just you or you and another person or you and a band? One song that sounds amazing unplugged if you can do it is "Yellow Ledbetter" by Pearl Jam. The reason I ask if there is more than just you is that it might be kinda hard to keep the guitar part going and sing it at the same time unless you are really good at multi-tasking.

Also, Knocking on Heaven's Door. Yes it is simple, but with that 3 or 4 chord progression (depending on whether you switch out the am7 to the C or not, some prefer it one way better than the other) it is really easy to rock out and change the strumming pattern often to keep interest, as well as dynamics. This song never ceases to amaze me because it will keep audiences entranced with only 3 chords, as long as you do dynamics and change things up, which is easy because you can mainly wing it and it will sound good because it is such a simple song with simple structure.
Even though i don't really like this band the song
This time imperfect from "AFI" would sound pretty good unplugged.

Other suggestions would be:
Stone Sour - Bother or
(maybe not the best idea.) Led Zepellin - Babe I'm Gonna Leave you.
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Where Are You Going-Dave Matthews Band is a good one
the acoustic cover of Cowgirl In The Sand by City And Colour.