every amp in my house is a class-AB amp, and I was thinking about making my own portable amp that would be louder than a lm386, so to overcome heat issues that would become more apparent at higher volume levels, I was thinking about a lower class. But I don't even know how any other types of amps sound like, or whether or not it would sound suitable for guitar playing.

Thanks for your opinions.

I haven't looked into suitable opamps yet, but here's my idea: 2 9V batteries in series = 18V source
P = I * V
P = .4A (400mA) * 18V (I assume low batteries would output in the neighborhood of 15V)
P = 6-7.2W output (nominal)

LM386 power output (based on PDF here: http://kitsrus.com/pdf/k17.pdf)
> 1 Watt RMS max. 8 ohms, 12V DC
> 0.4 Watt RMS continuous

So based on the rule of thumb "10x power = 2x volume", this would give me 150+% the volume of the LM386, if the LM386 had 12V. In all my LM386 designs, it only has 9V though.
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Or class-C, I guess, since those as well as Class-D have much better efficiencies than class-AB.
I'm not sure if even considering B would be worth it, since its efficiency is so close to that of AB, and I'm looking for something that would be audible, even in a room full of talking people.
Built a noisy cricket. Included a booster circuit which I switched in and ran off the power supply.

About as loud as yelling. Enough for my neighbours to hear it.

Throw an overdrive pedal in front and it kicks up again.