I went to the guitar shop today and bought an Ibanez SA120EX. Is that a good guitar in the 200~300 bucks metal guitar range?
There was also some other choices. There was an LTD 100QM, but once i was at the store it wasn't available and probably wouldn't be for some time. And a Vintage Wraith.

I like it, though i want to know about any problems the guitar has through the reviews, which aren't plentiful on the net about this guitar.
If it fits your style and you like it, does it matter what others think? It is YOUR guitar, afterall.
Why people ask this question after they get the guitar I'll never understand.

If you like the guitar, I guess that's all that really matters. I haven't heard of them having any serious issues and people who own them seem to like them.
That's what i wanted to know. Yesterday i was about to buy a vintage wraith. It played real nice but when i went looking for reviews it pointed out one huge flaw: It gets out of tune very often, mostly when using the tremolo. So the main reason i am looking for a review AFTER i have got the guitar is to read up on any problems this guitar has that i haven't seen yet.