I'm listening to the Solo of Californication in Melodic Flea-Way. I'm really liking it, but I'm starting to get frustrated with Tabbing it. And I also Tabbed the Californication Solo for Live at Slane Castle, but something's definately wrong with it. It's in my files. I was wondering if anyone would wanna help me with these? (Also Yeah I am a Red Hot Chili Peppers Nut. Hahahaha)

Thanks In Advance.

I figured I should Add, when I say help me tab it I mean, let me tab it, and then correct it for me. This definately sounds selfish, and will make no one want to help me, but oh well. lol Worth a shot.
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Finally. Someone who can help me. I guess we can work on it here. Do you have a way I can contact you outside of here? Or a way I can send you a file, because I have stuff down so far. But I'm kind of stuck.
You can send me your files stuff to: hobbytroll@gmail.com (my lovely good-for-everything email account)
I'd appreciate it if you could also send me the mp3 file.

I'll do what I can.
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You did a good job. I hope you don't mind that i expanded it a little bit
You practically finished it. I only had to add the finishing line! lol Thanks So much for the help.