Any help gratefully recieved!

I have a milennium mps-200 drumkit which I want to use with VSTi s in cubase (battery3, Addictive Drums, EZ Drummer)

I think I grasp the basic idea of the drum map function:

Each time I hit a different pad, it sends a different midi 'note' which ends up in cubase, for example:

I hit the snare pad, Cubase gets a message to play, say, c#

The snare hit in, say, addictive drums is on b (for example only)

So I have to use the drum map in cubase to say for c# in from the midi drumkit play note b in Addictive Drums.....right??

Ok, assuming that is correct - how the bloody hell do i work out which notes each pad is sending from the drumkit???

I have had a look for manuals etc online but cannot find anything for it - it's doing my nut in!!

Thanks for any help

Just an update if anyone else is having something similar.....

First off I downloaded a tool called edrum midimapper (30 day trial), that allows you to hit a pad one at a time and sense the midi signal, so that kinda worked.......

Then I thought to myself, well if I cant find documentation for it, perhaps it is quite standard?

Using GM to AD drum map seems to work ok, and Battery 3 seems to pick it all up ok.

But yeah, after 18 months i still cant get my head around it for instance, with eDrum I discovered that the midi note that the kick produces is B1, in the GM to AD map the kick input note is C1, which works as well - makes absolutley no sense at all.

I see things like this everyday at work - a great idea which is not implemented properley and therefore makes life more difficult for the end user.....shame