I'm in a thrash band and I know theory, but my rhythm player doesn't. And he deosn't want to learn it because he thinks it limits him. I was just wondering if you guys knew any thrash bands that didn't play in key but still made good music. And can you provide support for your answer
well it depends on what you mean really. different people play differently for different situations. for example, slash generally plays with mixolydian modes (in key, but with a flat seven), but for sweet child of mine, he throws in a harmonic minor lick.

its very helpful to know theory, and it definitely DOES NOT limit you as long as you realize that its theory, not a set of rules.
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definitley try to convince him just to learn a bit of theory, it's not a big deal- and wont take anything away from the playing, just make it better
Just because he doesn't know theory, doesn't mean he won't play parts that are in key with yours. If he can write stuff without knowing theory, then why does he need to learn it ?
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