i am fixin up a mim tele and got a seymour duncan vintage stack pup for the neck and a 5-2 for the bridge. my instructor said i can get a coil splitter for the neck pup. is that part of the pickup selector switch or the volume or tone knob? i don't know **** about wiring a guitar. is this something i could do at home pretty easy or is it something a tech should do for me? also the ground wire is bad on the guitar. i think i know which is the ground wire but where am i supposed to solder it too? any info you guys can give or direct me too would be rad
I hate to say it - If you have no idea where to start with the wiring, it might be a good idea to get it done in a shop as long as it's not too expensive - then there's no chance of it going wrong.

by the time you buy a slodering iron, pliers etc. they'll probably be little defference in investment...

on the other hand, stuff you learn this time will serve you the rest of your life. it does help to understand a little what goes on inside a guitar - the more you understand how your instrument works the better you'll be able to get it to sound.
Yeah, little investment at Radio Shack. Get a book on guitar wiring. The knowledge is indispensable.
first your gonna need push pull knobs and well go to the ultimate wire diagrams tread just do a little reashrce