Hello everyone here on UG!

Please be nice, and dont be nasty about my complete naivity to the guitar world

I recently bought myself an electro acoustic guitar and have had a few lessons. I have been learning finger picking, and can hold various chords nicely... A, Am, C, D, Dm, G, E, Em...

I would like to learn lead more so than rythum guitar, but am I aiming too high too fast?

I have no idea how to read tab, I am scanning through the lessons, as I am hoping that it will have an idiots guide or something.

Can anyone offer me some help and advice, some guidance on playing the Guitar, as I am so new to this. Oh I also play left handed.

That's ok. If you need any help with anything else feel free to PM (private message ) me...

I'm feeling helpful
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PM (private message )

haha thanks hun, will do! Oh and I may be naive with guitars but I get forums!