So next week i'm getting a new amp, haven't decided what i'm getting yet, but one of my options is a stack.

its the Blackstar HT-5h. BUT just the head. I want a different 1 maybe 2 speaker cab to go with it.

Now I could just go for the blackstar one, but if I get a different cab it could end up being
cheaper or better?

Ive looked at the orange 1 speaker cab, looks good. But will the cabinet make a difference in sound??
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of course it will, different cabs will most likely have different speakers in them, which will make a huge difference - even with the same speakers some constructional issues might result in a different sound


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You won't get a bad sound with the orange cab I can tell you that. One of the most popular cabinets in the industry for a reason. A different cab will make a big difference in sound. A great head and a ****ty cab is a waste IMO.
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