Poll: fav jason movie?
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4 20%
6 30%
2 10%
0 0%
0 0%
2 10%
1 5%
0 0%
0 0%
5 25%
Voters: 20.
with the remake being released, which one is your favorite?

mines #2 because it was the scariest. i thought the first one sucked eggs, although thats the one that make it all take off

im gonna leave out freddy vs jason and the remake because i can haz no moar pollz
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Stupid ending, but it was a pretty good movie overall.
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I always prefer new/remakes of the older films, cos i just find them cooler to watch than the old ones.

So despite your damn poll, im gonna say the new one
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I liked part three the best.

Jason gets the hockey mask for the first time, gets hung from a barn window, gets an axe in the head and still survives. Also lots of great horror cliches, black guy dies first, broken down cars etc.


The new one wasn't bad, I liked how it had Jason wear the burlap sack like in part two during the first half of the movie.
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oh my good sweet jesus i can't believe any of you would vote for 10 if I remember that was Jason X, and it was the worst piece of Film I have ever seen.
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Whichever one Jason Goes To Hell was.

I went to the theatre last night 45 minutes early to see the new one and it was SOLD THE **** OUT! - and had been for two hours before.
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Jason x had an epic ending...

And plot...

And acting...

The camping scene in the virtual reality thing was amazing .