I have a Peavey Vypyr 15 Watt, I dont like the distortions(Big suprise), but i was thinking of buyin a digitech rp-70 or rp-90, I tried it out already and i like the tones it give out what do you guys think?
If you like it, get it.

Not a fan of the Digitech tones personally, but if you think it sounds good then go for it.
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Quote by ktyler789
so it doesnt matter that its a modeling amp?

i think it does matter.

i've heard of bad stories involving the line 6 spider and distortion pedals.

you could get a standalone distortion pedal and use it on the amp's clean channel i's imagine
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its a vypyr but since im getting a blackheart little giant next year i might as well get the pedal ahead of time
i'd rather have an overdrive with a black heart rather than a distortion pedal, that might work with the vypyr too but im not too sure
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