Hai again guise, I need some more good suggestions for a gig setlist

This time I need to find good songs for a midgig Acoustic Set, something to bring the atmosphere down etc

Bands like The Fray, Goo Goo Dolls are what I'm looking for here.
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If you have two vocalists, preferably male and female, Coil by Opeth would be gay.

If you're a hot chick you've probably got a good chance with the lead singer or guitar player, If you're a little bit overweight, you should probably go for the drummer. If you're a dude, go for the bass player
Some of the acoustic stuff I've heared Alkaline Trio do is great, could be worth a look
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Eric Clapton Unplugged
Can't go wrong with that.
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100 Resolutions by Sundowner

+money and diamonds

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TS, you could also do Blue In The Face by Alkaline Trio.
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Anything by Pink Floyd.

totally not the kind of music he was asking for

john mayer and jack johnson have some mellow songs on acoustic.
These are some acoustic songs I've played in bands
Mosquito Song - QotSA (never actually played this one)
Loser - Beck
Lake of Fire - Nirvana
Sex and Candy - marcy playground
Where Did you sleep last night (nirvana version) - leadbelly
Tuesday's Gone - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Big Empty - Stone Temple Pilots
Hunger Strike - Temple of the dog
Jumper - 3rd eye blind

EDIT: Creep - Radiohead (never played that one but I'd expect a good reaction from an audience)
UG's Prodigal Son
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Here's some random thoughts:

I Will Follow You Into the Dark - Death Cab for Cutie
Amy - Pure Prairie League (This is a bit out of date, but so good)
45 - Shinedown (Acoustic - this song is solid)
Any Skynyrd often goes well with an audience...
Interstate Love Song (Again, awesome on an acoustic)

I'm not really sure my thoughts match the band suggestions you made, but maybe it'll spur thought. Good luck man!
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Wont people just say " hey mate your guitars missing it's whammy bar... and theres a hole in it " ?

No, because these people probably appreciate good music.

I'd say Everlong.
Some Damian Rice, maybe?

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Wont people just say " hey mate your guitars missing it's whammy bar... and theres a hole in it " ?
Probably not, because most people aren't retarded.
Creep- Radiohead
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