I just now put my low e string on (.46) and it has bad fret buzz on the first fret, but my last string I had on it was a .46 too, I even tryed adjusted the bridge to be taller but it still didnt take it away, what would cause this sudden buzz?
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could be a neck problem, did the angle change at all? and instead of just up and down try adjusting the tunomatic part, like forward and backward.

I tryed up and down, and forward and backward, nothing seemed to work, ill try again though.
I think it is the neck, if I put slight pressure on it to bend it just a minute bit I have zero buzz
I left it on my bed after I took the strings off for about 4 hours while I went to the store to get strings, im thinking thats why its bent a bit, ill turn it the other way and leave it for awhile.
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