I wrote this poem for an online AP Literature course. I think this is the best poem I've ever written and I'd like some feedback... thanks :]]

Drifting in my midnight flight,
I think I rose towards the light.
It's not something you'd expect up there,
it's a lot like what is way down where.

Brushed with the stain of a golden brush,
shouting out words with a faintly hush --
Wondering if I can still think or touch.

Sometimes I think it has to end,
like rounding a corner 'round a bend.
It's the end that I send--
to my paranoid friend.

Maybe sometime we can reminisce
about the worldy possessions we so dearly miss.
And in our time of feeling fine,
we realize our otherly divine.

But all too soon it must--
come to an end.
it's what one must always trust,
and something you can fend.

The time has struck upon the hour,
for when these thoughts must turn sweetly sour.
And when these curtains are unveiled,
the thought will herald unprevailed.

The thoughts taken from this eerie requiem,
makes one ponder what we mean--
and from where all these frothy prolifics teem,
makes one say " 'twas all but a dream. "
When the music's over, turn out the lights.

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