Well as some of you know im building a custom iceman, and since my blackouts are in and my guitar isnt to that stage yet im installing a blackout on my other guitar, I, for the life of me cannot figure out what is wrong, i think its a grounding issue or something but EVERY time i change something it gives me a loud static feedback, Im doing the 1 blackout 1 volume wiring diagram, and this is how i have it wired, the red wire in the top right is grounded to the bushing of the bridge, the gray tab on the pot is bent UP to touch the back of the pot, like the diagram seems to show, and the white tabs on the bottom right are the input jack tabs, this is how i have it wired-

Can someone tell me wether its a grounding issue, or what could be the problem? my connections seem pretty well done, but for some reason the solder doesnt like to hold that great on the back of the pot itself?

NOTE- please dont say searchbar or google, tried, cant find, maybe im blind, or lazy, but any help is greatly appreciated 8)
You only need to use 2 legs of the pot...The middle leg is the wiper which is what makes the resistance change. The unused leg should be grounded. I'm not sure how the input jack has 3 legs as I remember mine only having two...

Edit: If this is how you have it wired then it should work according to a Seymour Duncan "1 active humbucker, 1 volume" wiring diagram. The only thing to check would well first make sure all your connections and solders are good. Then make sure you don't have the Ring and Tip on the output jack reversed. Turns out yours is a stereo output and mine is a mono. The reason being so the ground from the battery is not connected when your jack isn't plugged in your guitar. That way it doesn't drain the battery.
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Confirmed wiring is CORRECT... Now its not working PERIOD.. possible to fry the pot? im using a 45 watt iron,
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theres no ground to the bridge just the live and the ground theres gotta be a wire comin from the bridge and must be also soldered to the back of the pot
ok the live wire is the wire coming off of the prong thats touching the end of the jack that wire goes directly to tone then to the middle voulume prong then thats the end of that wire the the live wire off of the pickup goes to the left prong on the volume pot and the ground goes to the back of the pot and the ground wire and bare wire both go to the back of the pot with along with the ground from the jack and then those 3 wires are soldered to the back of the pot the right prong on the volume pot is bent backwards and soldered to the back of the pot. thats it if you do what i just typed it will work
If you ground the battery to the back of the pot then it will be always on and drain the battery when it's not plugged in. It should work though. Basically when you plug the cable the battery now has a ground which is the middle prong on the output jack. I seriously doubt you messed up the pot as they are pretty durable. It would be easier if you could check for continuity and measure resistance to make sure you do in fact have good connections.
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My bad the ground to the bridge isnt showing, its there though, i guess ill take the multimeter or whatever to check, i thought my connections were good, but never know 8/ thanks for the help guys