I have a combo amp that has the words on the back of it that says "80watts into 4 ohms". Does this mean that it can take a cabinet that has 80 watss and 4 ohms? If so, how would I do this for a live show? When will I need a pre-amp and why? I'm just learning about how to hook up amps and monitors for a live show, so please help me. Thanx!
Combo amps already have a speaker, but now I read and see your wanting monitor hookups. I am not as smart as many people in this area, but I think I can help. The cabinet you attach to it has to be able to handle 80 watts, and only have a resistance of 4 ohms. I'm pretty sure that's how it's done. Cabinets don't have watts, the head does, and the speaker has to handle it like I said.
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