I have a white roland microcube that I'm thinking of painting.

I'd probably have to take it apart to do a good job. Is it an easy to open piece of equipment or should I just not bother? What kind of paint would you guys suggest that I use?

The color I was thinking of would be orange, just 'cause I like the orange amp brand, but I won't be able to afford one of those any time soon. So I figured I could dream. Any other suggestions?
painting it is not a bad idea but i wouldnt try to make it look like another brand seeing as the cheesyness would more than cancel out the coolness of a custom color. it would probably be easier to use masking tape where you can and just take off the handle and corner guards. or just paint it knobs grille and all for dramatic effect. all oarnge would be origanal enough. i recommend lime green like on old dodge muscle cars maybe with a racing stripe or two.
edit- forgot to mention about the actual painting. if you want to do a good job youll probably want to use primer first but just spraying on anything will work but only acceptablly enough if you apply it well. you cant use one coat. you should use multiple fine coats. apply a fine coat (i mean fine, dont worry if it doesnt completely cover it on the first or second or maybe even third or fourth on a porous surface like unfinished wood) and let it get semi dry where the paint isnt wet but its still a little tacky to the touch. do not touch it excessively because it will leave fingerprints in the finish. just repeat that process letting it get semi dry before repeatng untill the paint finish is rich enough in color to satisfy you. keep in mind also you dont want to use too much either or it wont dry fast enough on the bottom coats to adhere as well.
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