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I personally don't play bass but I know a decent number of bassists. Every bassist I know started out on a standard guitar and then thought they really sucked but still wanted to play a guitar so picked up a bass. All of these bassists are also nothing to write home about.

So I was just wondering is this true for alot of bassists? Don't take it the wrong way I'm only basing this on a small group of bassists in my neighboorhood.

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Originally, i was going to play guitar for FCA with the band, but our lead guitarist was really good. He planned on playing his bass, but he ended up playing his strat, and i played bass. I had never played bass before, but thought it was fun, played bass a couple of times with my Youth Group worship band and am now planning to get one. The one i use at church belongs to one of my friends, i'm getting an Ibanez.
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ive known a few bassists with that same general story. i think many are drawn to play the music that they listen to like most all musicians do in the beginning and the bass seems like a less intimidating and complex way to reap the enjoyment of rocking out to a beginner, if only on a subconscious way at first even if the bassist in question takes it up seriously and continues on to be very skilled at playing his instrument. im not trying to say that in the end the people that master guitar have any more skill than people that master bass. im just saying that at the begining of musical development the learning curve is much more steep on guitar to get to a level of competence with the instrument that it takes to play some music. which is everybodys goal in the beginning.
I always wanted to play bass, ever since I heard Rush. I ended up getting an acoustic guitar because it was free, I didn't really like it that much, when I finally did get a bass, it just clicked and I loved playing it.
I had an opportunity to get a bass for cheap and my friend plays guitar. I also always loved the sound of the bass in Black Sabbath and a couple Metallica intros, so bought the bass and enjoy playing.
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I always wanted to play bass, ever since I heard Rush. I ended up getting an acoustic guitar because it was free, I didn't really like it that much, when I finally did get a bass, it just clicked and I loved playing it.

After seeing Getty lee play, who wouldn't want to play bass???

Anyhow, I started playing bass after playing guitar for about a year. I would go crazy when I would hear a really cool bass line, and not be able to play it. in general, I just wanted more versatility.
I've been playing for a couple months, and I really like is so far--though I dont think I'll ever like it more than guitar.
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I loved the groove. I started on bass and moved to guitar. Guitar is fun and all, but I'd be happy to play bass in a band, just for the thumping rhythm and groove.
my drummer buddy and guitarist ex-buddy were trying to form a band, which i was originally going to be playing keyboards (lol) in, but they couldnt find any bassists so i bought one (having never seriously tried to play a guitar or bass before) and here i am now, 10 months later
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I wanted to put bass tracks on my guitar recordings, but now I play both just as much.

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I felt like learning another instrument, and the string spacing on guitar felt awkward.
moved to new neighborhood didnt know anyone was really bored so my dad bought me a bass to occupy my time, got more serious when a friend needed a bassist for his band during 9th grade
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started teaching myself guitar, started getting bored. borrowed mates bass... n although it was just messing round on easy songs, i immediately enjoyed it more.

sadly he wanted it back... so im teaching myself piano till i can afford to buy a bass (yes... the keyboard is borrowed off someone... )
i was listening to a lot of muse (like hysteria and supermassive black hole) and tarot and that just got me going about bass. i told my friend about it (who plays guitar) and he said go for it, so i did
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Sophmore year in high school, two of my good friends each got an electric guitar, I was interested in joining with them, they told me to buy a bass. Best $150 I ever spent (gig pack with an amp which I still use).
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Loved the sound of the bass and there is so many guitar players around here, got a bass kit for my birthday and 4 years later im still playing. [With different gear though, haha]
I already played tuba and trombone, so I could already read bass clef. I didn't really know that you could learn an instrument without reading sheet music, and my laziness determined that I wasn't going to learn treble clef so I went with bass to try to be one of those cool rock and roll fellas.
i started to get annoyed with higher pitched notes after 7 years of playing the flute.
then i got into more bands with distinctive bass in them eg, muse, nightwish, tarot, queen and started to enjoy it more and more
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I started off as a drummer but after i left that i wanted to play guitar. Fortunatley my brother played bass so i kinda took it up, although i play guitar and bass for different bands.
Already played electric guitar, wanted to start a band but we didnt have a bass player, my brother had a bass he never used.

And I've never looked back
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I took up bass as another instrument on top of my trumpet, not cause i was playing guitar, or "couldnt".

I really dont like this attitude of people like, oh right i couldnt play guitar so i plays de bass.
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I was walking to Tesco's with a purple mohawk, leather jacket and big ear-muff headphones. Felt that if I didnt learn some kind of rock instrument the universe would implode from unfufilled cliche. Drums too awkward, singing is lame. So guitar or bass - and everyone played guitar. Bass sounded more fun. But I decided from the start I wouldn't be a root note sucker. Since then I've noticed that every band I REALLY like - Led Zep, GnR, Tool, Kyuss, The Who, Rush, have a wicked bassist. So all hail the low end. Sounds like MAN! YEAH!
I never played guitar before I picked up bass, I was born funky.

Also, there are too many guitarists and not enough bassists in the world.
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I grew up in the era of 70's & 80's arena rock and home stereos with giant speakers. The source of power was always the bass. Crank it up. I started with bass guitar 30 ago and I still love the powerful and majestic sound.

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I think you need to stop caring what people think about it. I stayed home all day today and masturbated like 5 times. Fucking blast.

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Because the power to cause orgasm with the power of sound was too much to resist...

...and bass is just so fun to play
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My friend and I were starting a ska band! I had been playing guitar for two years by the time we got around to it, and we had a drummer and a trombone. My friend sang and played tenor sax (he is freaking insane on his sax!), but we had another friend who played guitar, so we figured we'd ask him to play bass for us. We wrote one song, I played guitar on it and he played bass. He absolutely hated it! He still hates playing bass to this day. So for a year we fought about who would play bass, until I finally realized he wouldn't give in I said I would play bass. I started playing and although I have written a few songs that I'll play guitar on I typically play bass.

I've been playing bass for two years now. Guitar for five, but I'm just as good on bass, although I've been told I'm better than I am on guitar. I don't care, I love my new bass more than my guitar, but don't tell him that.

Also I don't know if this is true for everyone, but when I play my guitar I lose any emotion I feel. I'm just playing notes and chords and while I smile when I play I don't feel any extra emotions. But when I play my bass I never stop smiling! Although there were a few times when playing my bass when I've began to cry for no reason whatsoever. Those reasons are why I stick with my bass. Bass makes me euphoric and guitar just makes me happy.
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My dad's a drummer and my brother's a guitarist, so I was raised in a musical environment. I wanted to get involved, but I wanted something to call my own.

I thought about the bands I listen to and what I like about them. Bass was the answer as I wanted to contribute to the rhythm while manipulating the melody. I got a starter kit almost a year ago and haven't looked back (I've upgraded my rig since then).

I can't explain the feeling of being able to control the ebb and flow of the music. People always ask me "Why did you choose bass? Everyone plays guitar, bass is boring". This always brings a smile to my face, because they answered their own question.
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