1.Well i've been playing the guitar for maybe 2 months now and i'm getting better and better but i've just recently strated to worry about my play style... When i pick, i pick with my Thumb and index finger (+ index fingers if i have to pick 2 strings at the same time)

2.So i wonder.. would it be better to learn picking with all my fingers or is my playstyle just fine? I mean there is no ''right'' play style? There are only better and worse styles...

3.And my last question, when you pick with all of your fingers, do you pick with your fingernails?

Thank you!
Don't worry about it-everyone has their own style-do what feels right for you- and there have been plenty of great guitar players who only used their thumb and did more than most-just keep playin' and use your finger tips not your fingernails
Phat-O-Caster is right. You've only been playing for two months, you'll develop your own style .

And to add onto his answer for your last question, keep your nails as short as possible, without hurting yourself. Because if you know how to strum with your thumb (extremely easy, just use the tip of your thumb), then you'll quickly realize that long fingernails get annoying.
Well long fingernails won't be a big problem for me because i'm an efficient nail chewer xD So i really don't have any nails at all! :P

Thanks for the help!