So there's the obvious Tacoma ABG that's one of the few ABGs worth having, and it's counterpart, the Olympia. I have three questions:

1. could I get a used Olympia, possibly Tacoma, for under $325 shipped?

2. Would getting an el cheapo ABG like the Dean Playmate and upgrading the electronics and putting high-quality strings on it be worth it?

3. What was that one Fender ABG that people said was decent? Are most Fender ABGs decent-ish?

I'm looking for an ABG that has a decent plugged-in tone, but has a decent unplugged tone as well. Unplugged, I'd have to compete with an acoustic and a mandolin. I can get some good strings to compensate for the lack of tone if need be. What would you ABGers recommend for strings?

So, help?

EDIT: New question as well: Would getting an electric bass preamp and rigging it to an acoustic bass work? I know it would work, but would it compromise the acoustic tone of it?
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