Not good friday the 13th
never thought id be the one causing the hurting
the pain the suffer the need of a mom's love
and today found the difference of not enough and too much
its just my luck. for i said i should be punched
but ironically its honesty that hurt the most
or my opinion or just keeping it real
and i know its my way to deal with a situation
maybe not the best way to give someone else a presentation
I'm complaing about what i've let myself to become
almost as cold as the name of my father...
the named she shared with my old man
and it sucks cuz right now i feel like my old man
when i was supposed to be the one to lean on
i pushed back. No i shoved back.
i feel heartless like there was a hole under were my chest sat
and I'm in the wrong for calling you a female dog
and I'm sorry for making your daughter cry in your arms
right now i feel disgraced for living and what i did is unforgiving
just wanted you to know I'm ashamed and i pray to god he forgives me
I'm sorry