a luthier er sumone good with wood, or if your not to nervus to try it, check out the repair section on guitarattack.com they tell you how to do it there
no problem, guitarattck is a great site for learning how to repair and mod your guitar, just happy to help cause im plannin on doing the same thing when i get the time
Of all the guitars I've had professionally scalloped (and some I've done myself), my favourite luthier for scalloping is Dean Cascione from DC Custom Guitars. Here's the site if you're interested.


It costs somewhere around 120 plus shipping to have every fret scalloped. I'd recommend trying it yourself on a beater guitar if you have one, it's an enlightening experience. But please, DO NOT SCALLOP TOO DEEP. Go as deep as your side dots allow, but no lower.
Talk to lumberjack in the Gear Customization forum. He knows his stuff. He has a big thread on it. Go and ask him your questions and I'm sure he can assist.