my pc or windows ****ed up today basically wouldn't work for ages then when it started had all my files missing and a load of programs won't work, any way....

downloaded most of them again but windows live messenger/msn messenger just won't work, i installed the latest version, click the button the icon starts doing the timer thing but as it appears that it will start it just does nothing

yahoo also tells me i need to be administrator to install but i am administrator and the only account on here

please guys any help would be ****ing appreciated, thanks

the jist: jumper ****ed up, msn don't work no more
I'm not so good with computers, but sounds like a nasty virus of some sort/a lot of spyware or something to me.

I'd do a system restore to get rid of all the junk viruses and everything.

Then again, I'm not too great with computers, so take what I say with a grain of salt.
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start -> all programs -> accessories -> system tools -> system restore
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format your hard drive, reinstall windows, see if that helps, if not you might be looking at a faulty hard drive or motherboard. but before you do anything take your computer stuff to the computer thread. thanks
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When you turn the PC on, hit F8 a couple of time while it loads up, then you get a black and white screen. Try "Last Knows Working Configuration".