"It all started October 6th, when Nick and Ben asked a friend Robbie Carvalho from Kitchener to jam. They got together and within 2 hours had already created and recorded a song, Kraft dinner. When they realized the progression they could make over a longer time, they decided to start a band. And so began the search for a lead singer. Nick and Ben asked around school for a while and along came Cliff Morris. He told us he could give it a try, and we got together to jam Walk by Pantera. It sounded really good and so added the newest inprovement to The Silent Protest. Everything was well on its way but the band memebers still felt they needed that little bit more metal sound to their music and along came the very newest improvement to the group, Austin Palladini, Who adds that little bit more of harmony and heavy to our songs. and so begins the journey of THE SILENT PROTEST...."

I got that from our myspace www.myspace.com/thesilentprotest.

i added an mp3 to my page and i made this post to get your opinions, comment please.