I'm ranked really low
And no one will know
the life ive seen
i'ts just a dream
ba boom da da boom

Its just a way and time,
things that i see
that brings it home
reading lives on UG
they say its lyrics
it's lost poetry
know one wants to know
unless your part of the croud.

I'v written loads
and i've cared a lot
but whats the point
YOU useless lot.

You say its lyrics
a songwritiing siite
but reeeeeaaaly
it's just a poetry

Ha Ha Ha

like I really care,Been there,dont even drink coffee anymore.

would prob be a gooooooood page if it wer'nt for the would be poets.

thanks for reading just got a bit peeeeeeeeved.

I know theres no form or shape but this is a music site.
crucify me if you want but i've written more crap than you ever will.
uuum chris that dos'nt realy follow any pre deformed shape.
~Theres no ;;progression,,where's it going
I can understand you are trying to show that there is no artistic value within UG that all is pre-defined by people who would rather be miserable rather than write a piece that was totally off the cuff,that shows real life.
It is a sad time that everyone thinks that they can write a song but does not realise that there is more to it than just thinking they are the only inhabitants of this Eath who are feeling a tad down..