I warned you, my original language is French, so I spoke with a translator. thank

So here is my question!

When you send a Tablature agreements on UG, it is how to put such an agreement Sol (G) in blue?. As in the other lane tablatures agreements! there is the small table in what way is an example of the agreement, if the cursor glides above.

then ... how we doing? thank you!

P.S If you have difficulty reading the text in English and you have a better translator, reads in French below
Je vous avertie, ma langue d'origine est le francais, alors je parle avec un traducteur.

Alors voilà ma question!

Quand on envoie une Tablature d'accords sur UG, comment on fait pour mettre par exemple un accord de Sol ( G ) en bleu?. Comme on voie dans les autre tablatures d'accords! il y a aussi le petit tableau dans le quelle on voie un exemple de l'accord, si on glisse le curseur dessus.

alors... comment on fait? merci!
I don't know if I get you right or not,but if you meant how to make chords blue in ug,there's no need for anything,just select chords as type of your tab when you're submitting it.When your tab got accepted,the chords in your tab will come up highlighted and you can see the chord diagram hovering your mouse around it.
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Ah! okey, thank you very much! because this is the first time that position a tab on UG and is not always approves so I do not know very well how, thank you!