Hey I was just wondering so I thought I'd ask here. My band plays in drop D tuning (DADGBE) and our bassist just got a 6 string bass, we're having an argument as to weather the 6 string bass would sound better tuned to drop d just like the guitar or leaving it in the standard 6 string bass tuning (BEADGC). Just wondering what peoples opinion on this would be?

i'd say drop the bass aswell
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I think that's a matter of personal preference for the bassist, he mayn't be used to playing basslines in the drop D tuning, nor like the sound. You can see what the songs sound like with the lower D just to see what it sounds like anyway and take it from there.
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It doesn't really matter as long as he can play the notes, which he can either way. As the bass player, I'd be more comfortable leaving it alone, or if anything downtuning the B as well for consistency.
If I were him, I'd tune A-D-G-C-F-Bb...keeps the string intervals at 4ths, gives him the low A to play with (good for heavying up melodic lines), gives him the D for open thumping then the next 4 strings up for S&P-ing the bejeezus out of. Also tell him that more strings dont mean a bigger penis. Buy a 5 string or if you have to have more strings, a 13.
If I were him I'd probably leave it standard. Unless the song needed alot of pedaling on the low D, and then I'd go down a whole tone.