Hello. I am trading my 20(or so) year old Kramer Focus 1000. It has a Baretta-shaped body and the only way i know it's a focus is because of it's wood-type and input plate. I got this guitar about a year ago off of Ebay and lately haven't had time to play it. It has a seymour duncan JB SH-4 and the rustified/crustified floyd rose was upgraded to a brand new pingu Floyd Rose with a BRASS block in it. I've heard this improves tone by quite a bit. No back cover for this guitar. As you can see it is all black and the headstock Simply says Kramer. This hints at the guitars creation being aimed for towards the end of the 80's. Now one of the back screws for the plate is missing butg it in no way effects the way this guitar sounds or plays. The top rounded off and i removed it and forget where i put it. Easily replaceable and i would have done so if i had the time. With it comes a free Baretta truss cover (attached to the guitar.) I was in denial that it was a focus. haha.

Trades: Only trading for Telecasters and cash. Nothing else. Contact me.
I am located in Pittsburgh, PA.

P.S. Weinersack is the frontal picture of the guitar. I saw that and lol'd.