Yeah, I know this is pathetic but...

For the life of me I cannot cover the g-string when I'm trying to bar all six strings. There is a divot in my index finger or something at that spot, and it just goes thup thup thup. I can weakly cover it so it makes a sound instead of just a muted thup, but it doesn't ring like it should.

Any suggestions on practicing this away? Or do I need to surgically attach something to my index finger?

Thanks. Now go ahead and make fun of me. I deserve it.
hey, on acoustic for F and B barre chords I need to really bend my arm to grab the B string with my index finger. I guess I just learned to work with it. My advice is try dropping your wrist a little and hitting the fretboard at a different angle.
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can you turn your finger slightly so more of it hits the string at that point

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yeah my fingers all bend in two places, 90 degrees at both joints haha...and I have a little dip at my "upper" knuckle too. I duno, I just slide my finger one way or the other.. either getting the E with the very tip of my index, so the dip isn't landing dirtectly on a string

EDIT: and yeah, more to the side of the finger
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I had the same problem a while back. Just try moving your index finger up a bit and pretty soon, you'll find minor barre chords a lot easier.
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High action can affect barre chord playability. Failing that, barre an A Maj barre chord on the low E. Lift all fingers up apart from the index. Now strum, if any strings are muted, move your index up and down til they ring out fully.