ok so i am planning to mod the living hell out of my bass upon the purchase of my beautiful schector stiletto elite 4 (neck thru)

To start its a behringer starter pack bass which ive actually grown attached to despite its apparent suckieness but im still gonna keep my mods as cheap as possible no use polishing coal is there...

to start ive de fretted it and slapped on some flatwounds

im planning on switching the headstock to a 3+1 layout instead of the 4 on one side in a desperate hope to cure neckdive ( probably wont work but i like the look better)

in the same step im also hoping to paint the headstock whatever colour (i was thinking about yellow) and then adding a handmade logo

i was also planning to paint the body and probably the scratchplate as well ( and fill in some chips/dents/scratches ) in some sort of phsycedelic pattern

i also am thinking about swapping out the pickups for something a little bit nicer but this is the real money issue so its a big maybe

any comments /critic/ suggestions would be awsome
I think pickles are cucumbers that sold out.
nice you could also get it intonated mabey add or change the knob setup and get a thumb rest and it you really should post some pics like the bass you modding or that dual humbucker shector elite with the one inlay in the middle of the 12th fret 5 strings each with an indevidual saddle and 4 knobs i looked up the schector on http://bass-guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Schecter-Stiletto-Elite5-Bass?sku=513052 but it would be tight if you put a pickup selector on a bass ive never seen that and i would be Badass.
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