I tried my Jay Turser (p.o.s. I know, it was my first electric and back then I didnt know what to look for).

Anyway I tried my Jay Turser strat through my Ampeg '68 Gemini combo.

Surprisingly, it sounded alright. Not great by any stretch, but not terribly bad.

Anyway I was thinking, if this crap strat sounds okay, how good would a G&L sound?

I like the strat set-up, but tele body and controls.

So I googled, yes I googled, and found a pic of an S-3.

Its kinda like the Fender black-out tele.

They dont make em anymore, the S-3. They make a Z-3. Same thing but with those Z-coils instead of single-coils.

So whats the difference between single-coil and Z-coil?
The S-3 is just the standard ASAT MFD single pups with an S-500 middle pup in the middle. The Z-3 is the same pickups as a Comanche, but with Tele controls and body.

FWIW, the Z-coils are a little flatter sounding as far as EQ goes (great if you get most of your sound from pedals), while the MFD single coils have a bit more character. Neither is better, just preference.

G&Ls are great guitars, I would recommend them very highly.
If I were you, I'd get a G&L Tribute series. Much nicer than any of the Fender MIM stuff, and if you're going to spend $750 on a MIM Fender, you could get a used G&L MIA for around that price, but that's just my 2 cents.