Any Dungeon/LORD fans out there?

For those that don't know, (in short) Dungeon were an Australian thrash/power/tradtional metal band that toured with a whole bunch of bands such as Megadeth (european tour with them), Nightwish, Nevermore, Edguy and Destruction. They broke up in 2005 (i think) and guitarist/vocalist Lord Tim and drummer TY formed LORD, which is pretty much 'the new Dungeon'. They are a world class band and are criminally underated- awesome live show too. Plus they by far have the best live backing vocals i've ever seen (they pull off 4 part harmonies effortlessly). Not to mention Mark Furtner, who is just a ****ing scary good guitarist... god i love LORD

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQ9bA4JubU8 (check the harmonized sweeps in the solo )

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Is "Lord Tim" that guy who wears a clock on his head? If not, then who is it I'm thinking of?
Aha. That it is, thanks. Now to check out Dungeon and LORD with that question answered.
how talented must he be to wail like a banshee and sweep at the same time?

the whole 'one step beyond' album is awesome (except the aussie anthem at the end, i would rather attempt to sh*t on my own face, than listen to it)
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Lord Tim is a ****in maniac, I actually think he like pinch harmonics more than mr Wylde.
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oh wow

i'm watching the vid you posted, holy ****. thats good stuff
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My ex fiance brought me a Dungeon shirt at one of their gigs about 4 or 5 years ago. It has come in handy as an oil rag when I'm working on my car.
Amazing band, Ascendence might just be one of my favourite albums of all time. Lord Tim is a genius.
Thanks man! I've learnt about an hours stuff (9 songs I think) so far in about 2 weeks or so.... and it was goddamn hard! I'm nowhere near as good as LT (nowhere even close) so I've been seriously practicing for the first time in years these past couple of weeks.