i have a set neck on my guitar that is just bought
and i want to change the neck as it an awful neck to play
it is possible to change the neck at all??
whyd u buy it then
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If you want the neck done in a different finish (e.g. satin instead of gloss), that's easy enough. Most luthiers can do this for you, look in local ads and such. Usually refinishing costs a couple of hundred, depending on what exactly it is you want done.

If you want the neck thinner, you could have the finish of the neck taken off, the neck then sanded down, then have the neck refinished. Same as above but you'll be paying a little more for the extra work.

If you want bigger/smaller fretwire, that's another job for your local luthiers, aorund here it costs a little under a hundred to have a neck re-fretted.

If you want anything else done, you're out of luck. That's about all you can do to a setneck.

I also second the motion of why would you buy a guitar if you find the neck unplayable.
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it isn't unplayable and i bought the guitar cheap to do it up
and make it look good as well as sound and play awesome
i guess i just ain't used to that kind of neck and would much prefer the same neck as i have on my esp
Well thats going to help... What don't you like about the neck, how is it different from the one on your ESP?
the neck on the cheap guitar seems to be more space out with the strings i am pretty sure
and the fret board is wider and thicker
the paint job and finish is in need for the whole guitar
and the actually head on the neck is bulky as want a much smaller head and reverse as well so not an arrow head
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Hang on, hang on. The fretboard is 'wider and thicker'? So not only is the back contour not right for you (I think this seems to be what you mean by 'thicker'), but the fretboard width is wrong too.

Well no, there's nothing you can do about that. What you're talking about now is getting a whole new neck. On a setneck guitar, that's a huge, expensive job.
Yes, I know everything. No, I can't play worth a damn.
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You say you got a bad neck, then you write a list of things wrong with it and only one of them concerns playability...

The Headstock, does it really matter? You can make the headstock rectangular and with some dowel glue on wings etc and cut out a headstock of your desired shape

Paint Job, do it

Neck: Thats the taper, the strings are spread out more because of the bridge, the neck is then wider to accommodate the extra string spacing, surely you can adapt to a few mm of thickness difference?
if you wanna turn it into a bolt on neck there's two things you can do, the first one which will destroy your old neck. Remove the fretboard with a steamed iron (theres tutorials on PG) then take the truss rod out, then cut the neck off but with the heel still glued into the body, then route out the neck pocket.


Using a steam iron and many jigs you can melt the glue or whatever and pull the neck out

depends on what you wanna do and if you wanna keep the neck or not...
what you want to do seems like it'd be more trouble than it's worth. yr probably better off selling the guitar and buying another more suited to your needs instead of damaging it.
i got an idea BUY A NEW GUITAR YOU LIKE why did you buy it if you didnt like it???? thats and if you didnt get to play it first that was your first mistake
If its a lower priced guitar getting the neck out will be a serious issue. They tend to use epoxy in cheaper brands which pretty much needs explosives to get the neck out of. If its glued in with actual glue then it can be sweated out. Then the problem would be getting another neck that will actually fit. The availability of new necks for set neck guitars is pretty slim. Theres not going to be any sort of bolt on neck thats going to just drop in where a set neck was, the tenon for set necks is shorter than a bolt neck. So the pocket would need to be routed and lose the neck pickup in the process. Also the scale will probably be different as most bolt necks are 25.5 scale versus 24.75. The neck can be sanded to a slimmer profile and the fretboard can be made narrower. Theres not going to be an economy solution to your problem, if you find a neck and pay someone to put it in its gonna cost, if you opt to sand and narrow the existing neck theres the cost of paint work and refret.